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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


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Site Problems

I'm experiencing some minor site problems due to a recent server upgrade - something messed up my image thumbnailing software. It should be resolved soon... UPDATE: This is proving to be more problematic than I first thought... Joseph at Future Point has been working hard to help me try and fix it. I just got back to Boston; hopefully I'll be able to fix everything this week as I settle down again. Sorry folks.

2004 Food Blog Awards... and the Bloggies

Alas, I did not win the 2004 Food Blog Photography Award, but congratulations to Heidi of 101 Cookbooks, a far more worthy photographer than myself! Update: So the even bigger awards have begun nominations. Check out the 2005 Bloggies, the Oscars of weblogs. This year they have a Food category for the first time.

2004 Food Blog Awards Ballots

Woke up this morning and saw that Kate has put up the ballots for the Food Blog Awards. I've been nominated for Photography - thanks to you all out there! Go here and vote for me! :)

2004 Food Blog Awards

Kate over at the Accidental Hedonist is doing everyone a great service and organizing the 2004 Food Blog Awards. So here is my shameless plea for you guys to go nominate me for stuff. Best Food Photography seems to be my best category... Anyway, go check it out, and help boost my insecure ego! Or vote for who you think is best. :P

Picture Zoom

I'm trying something new again here at arthur hungry. I guess I've been in the update/upgrade mood recently. I've been looking for a way to implement some bigger images for a while now that's easy and doesn't suck up too much bandwidth. You should now be able to click the images and get a bigger popup version. Of course, remember that I do have high res versions of every picture (2592x1944), which are too big to put on the site. But should you ever want to use one for a wallpaper or... print it (heh) feel free to ask. Anyway, the ones you can click to now are 760x570... a little more than twice as big as what's on the front page. Note that this will only work with pictures from now on. To do it with the old posts, I have to manually edit every entry. Maybe I'll get around to it over winter break. Hope you like.
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