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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


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Sorry for the slow week, all. I'm taking the GMAT this coming Monday and I'm pretty much in hardcore study mode. More reviews to come after my test, including Saison part 2, Dosa, Pizza Politana, and Namu.


The triumphant return

It's official - Arthur Hungry is alive again, and with a new design. I've moved my site over to Squarespace, an awesome, flexible, and easy-to-use publishing platform that allows me to make changes a lot more easily than before. I have imported all my old entries as well. For now, you can see archives, but it will be a little ugly until I'm done cleaning up the formatting.

All future posts will have a cool new format that uses big pictures. You'll need a width of about 1000 pixels on your monitor's resolution to view them correctly. But I mean come on guys, it's 2009... if your resolution isn't 1024 or higher, you should upgrade!

The first post will be coming this weekend for Saison, a new "operation" in San Francisco. I'm very excited to be back.


Yes, I am alive.

I realize I've been completely MIA from arthur hungry for over a year and a half now. Full-time work unfortunately had that effect on me. Thanks to all those who have inquired about my well-being - I am indeed alive and well, and eating just as much as ever. I'm going to re-structure the site so that I can keep up with it given my time constraints. Watch out for arthur hungry 2.0, coming soon to the intarwebs near you...

Arthur Hungry Limbo...

Well. I'm in a bit of an Arthur Hungry limbo at the moment. I have finally graduated and moved back to San Francisco. In the process, I've managed to forget my external hard drive's power supply in Boston, and so I don't have access to all my photos and what not. Dave is kindly UPSing it to me so I'll be back up and running soon. My desktop is also currently in the trusty hands of UPS, so everybody pray for it.

I've got a few awesome trips coming up this summer, and at various times I will be in SF, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, and Manila. It'll be the first time I'll be in Japan since I started the site, and I'm looking forward to re-eating some of my best meals of all time. Huge stash of photos are of course still waiting to be posted from Australia, SF, and more... I'm going to have to start picking the better ones and leaving some others out.


In transit!

Hey all - sorry for the absence again. I've spent the last week packing, taking an exam, and generally finishing stuff up in Sydney. I'm currently posting from my cousin Kim's office in Christchurch, New Zealand. I'll be heading to Kaikoura to stay with my Uncle Jack and Auntie Betty later tonight, and my dad will be arriving tomorrow. So after 4 short months I've already left Australia. I had an absolute blast during this past semester. I've made some great friends and learned a good bit too. My internship at Filtra was awesome - thanks to everyone there for having me around.

As for my schedule now... I'll be spending 10 days here in New Zealand relaxing in beautiful Kaikoura. Hopefully I'll do some cool water stuff like swimming with the dolphins and fishing. On the 18th, I head back to San Francisco for about a week, then to Vancouver for Christmas and the New Year. After that, I'll have another 10 days in San Francisco before I head back to Boston for my final semester. I know, you're all thinking, where are the frickin' Sydney food posts? Well rest assured, they're coming. I'll probably clean up the balance of my summer posts in the next couple of days while I'm in Kaikoura, and then I'll begin an absolute marathon of Sydney posting. No joke - I've got about 40-50 places to post, so starting in about a week, I'll probably be posting every single day for about 2 months. I hope you guys have enough time to read it all! :)