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Matt Murphy's


I love fish and chips. Though I've never had the so-called real thing in England or Ireland, I order fish and chips all the time when I see it. One day Jeremy asked me where to find the best fish and chips in Boston. After some research, the consensus appears to be Matt Murphy's Pub in Brookline Village. I ended up going with Jeremy and Tony to check it out for lunch.

crispy cod and chips served with malt vinegar and pickled onions - $13.95 Our first reaction was that $14 for a lunch of fish and chips seemed pretty steep, but we were there for a reason. The meal came wrapped in a huge bundle of newspaper. It actually took us a while to unwrap it well enough to eat! Anyway, once I started digging in, I was very satisfied. The fish was tasty, but perhaps even better was the absolutely delicious tartar sauce that came with it (not pictured). The fries were meaty and filling. They also have a homemade ketchup which a lot of people like, but you guys know where I stand on ketchup... By the end of the meal, all three of us were stuffed. I'll probably go back some time, but I admit it's tough to pay $14 for fish and chips.