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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


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So my first couple of weeks at school have been busier than expected. The weather is getting seriously cold here, but I'm still glad to be back. It'd been a solid 8 months since I'd seen my Boston friends, so I've had a lot of catching up to do. Still a lot of people I need to hang out with.



In any case, I'll finally continue with my Australia posting. Another one of my favorites throughout the semester was Kopitiam in nearby Ultimo, just down the street from the University of Technology, Sydney. This was a gem from the SBS Guide. Like I mentioned before, Sydney has a ton of Malaysian and Singaporean restaurants. Kopitiam was one of the best - simple, down to earth, cheap, and just delicious. The decor and service are pretty bare, but the food is great.

roti canai - A$3.5 Kopitiam's version of roti canai was more pancakey than the one at, say, Aneka Rasa. Very hot and crisp on the edges, with a nice doughiness inside. Paired with the awesome chicken curry dipping sauce, this dish was a must-order for me during every meal. I totally got my roommate Dan addicted.

nasi lemak - A$8.8 Their nasi lemak, using more of that great chicken curry, was also quite good. Though the curry is the star, I enjoyed the condiments - sambal, a boiled egg, peanuts, anchovies and cucumber. The rice was a little disappointing - I'm pretty sure it was just white rice, and didn't have that subtle fragrance of coconut to it. Still, a good rendition if you like nasi lemak.

Hainan chicken rice - A$8.5 The real reason to go to Kopitiam though is the Hainan chicken rice. They only serve it on Sunday, and I tried to get to Kopitiam on as many Sundays as possible. The chicken is beautifully tender, tasty, and perfectly sauced. The chili sauce on the side was awesome, though I'm not sure it was chili exactly because it had a combined tangy, slightly sweet, slightly hot flavor. And the rice... oh man, the rice is great, and I'd happily eat it plain.

Kopitiam also makes good versions of char kway teow, Hokkien noodles and laksa. I don't have any photos cuz I was always too busy ordering the chicken rice... Dan will attest to the char kway teow's excellence though. And Kopitiam's teh tarik was the best rendition of iced milk tea I had in Sydney. I got one with every meal, and I usually got one to go afterwards... :)


Aneka Rasa

Merry Chrismas everyone! I just got to Vancouver and I'll be here until Jan. 2nd. Hopefully I'll have some good stuff to post. Here is a meal from Boston at Aneka Rasa.

house chicken wings with sweet chili sauce - $5.25

pineapple fried rice - $8.95 I eat here fairly regularly. It's good food for a good price. The chicken wings were plump, hot, crispy, and tender... but there was too much sauce, which was too sweet and and not spicy enough. They have another version with just the wings I think - I'll probably try them next time. The pineapple fried rice was great - very flavorful with ots of shrimp and squid in it. Anyway, I got another post or two from Boston, one from SF, then I'll start putting up stuff from Vancouver.

Aneka Rasa

I'm leaving for San Francisco tomorrow afternoon, then going to Vancouver for my cousin's wedding this weekend. Gonna be there for 2 weeks or so. Here's a a meal from Aneka Rasa:

hokkien char mee hokkien char mee

clay pot noodles clay pot noodles Decided to try some of the noodle dishes. The hokkien char mee were basically udon noodles with a dark soy sauce. Pretty good. The clay pot noodles were a bit on the bland side. Will try more stuff next semester.

Aneka Rasa

Finally got around to checking out Aneka Rasa, a new Malaysian place on Harvard Ave. It's similar to Penang, and from what I understand not technically an offshoot, but I think the owner used to work at Penang or something like that.

roti canai with chicken curry roti canai with chicken curry

half hainanese steamed chicken with chicken rice half hainanese steamed chicken with chicken rice

shrimp with string beans shrimp with string beans

green tea ice cream green tea ice cream Very good overall. The roti canai is good, and almost exactly the same as Penang. I still like the thicker, doughier roti prata at Straits back home though. The curry dip is awesome. The Hainanese chicken was great - very tender, even the white meat. Rice was good too... Can't remember how it compares to the Straits one. Haven't had that there in a while. The green beans sambal were very crisp. Perfect texture, but not as much flavor as at Straits in SF or at Tropika in Vancouver. The pieces of shrimp weren't that great though. The ice cream was surprisingly good (and big). Not too sweet and just the right creaminess. I'm not usually a fan of green tea ice cream, but this was good. Gotta try the mango next time. Will definitely go back.