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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


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Jang Mo Jib

Well, I haven't had any luck fixing the problems on my server, so I'm going to update manually until it gets sorted out. Basically the problem has to do with the image thumbnailing system and popup windows... doing it maually, it takes me a Very Long Time to do a post. Hopefully I'll find a better solution. Continuing with Vancouver food... jang-mo-jib.jpg After so many trips to Vancouver, I don't recall ever going to a Korean restaurant. So for the first time ever, I tried Korean at Jang Mo Jib (the link talks about the Kingsway location; we went to the one at 1719 Robson). We didn't try the soup when we went, but I'll make sure we do next time. I have always wondered a bit about the spelling of Korean words with English letters. I am guessing there's no official system, as there always seem to be slight variations. The menu at Jang Mo Jib spelled stuff in ways I've never seen before... but a lot of it I could still identify.

assorted kim chi - cabbage, bean sprouts, potatoes, radish, seaweed

haemool pajun - assorted seafood korean-style pancake - C$14.95

jab che - mixed sweet potato noodle with assorted marinated vegetables - C$14.95 The food was very good, and the place is open late. The kim chi and side dishes were all good - kim chi had a good bit of kick to it. I particularly liked the potatoes, which were in a garlicky sauce. The seaweed was also refreshing and nice. The haemool pajun was really big. Like reallllly big. And it tasted great - very crisp on the edges, and cakey on the inside with ample chunks of shrimp and squid. The jab che was one of the best I've had - thick, bouncy, chewy noodles. Could have used a little more pork I guess, but honestly just eating the noodles was fine.

jjin mahn doo - steamed korean-style dumpling - C$7.95

goon mahn doo - fried korean-style dumpling - C$7.95

dolsot beebimbob - assorted vegetables, beef on steamed rice in a hot stone - C$9.95 The dumplings were very good (and again, very big). The skin was firm, and the filling (a mix of pork and vegetables) was meaty and moist. Naturally, I preferred the fried ones... but to each his own. The bbb was alright but not too special - similar to most of the Korean places around. Overall I was very impressed with this Korean. The jab che was really excellent, and this place is a wonderful late night option. My only gripe is that they give you these metal chopsticks that are a pain to use (maybe it's cuz I'm Chinese). Anyway, next time I'll try the soup.

Buk Kyung II

So now that my camera's gone, Mike's Sony DSC-T1 is coming off the bench for some PT. Hopefully I'll get a replacement soon. Had lunch at Buk Kyung II, the Korean place just down Brighton Ave. which we've all decided is the best one around in terms of quality and convenience.

jam bong jam bong This place has good noodles. Jam bong is a slightly spicy seafood soup noodle. The noodles are kinda like ramen, but thicker, and have a good amount of "bounce" and firmness to them. The soup tastes really good too. The seafood is mainly squid and some shrimp, along with a lone big mussel (buried in the photo). Good stuff. Dad's visiting again tomorrow... Don't know what we're eating for lunch yet, but I booked Grotto for dinner. I've been looking forward to trying it after reading countless raves on Chowhound.

Min Sok / Choe's Cafe

Didn't get a chance to update recently. Got a three day weekend this weekend cuz of the whole BU president thing. Anyway, here are some pics from Min Sok aka Choe's Cafe, the Korean place over on Commonwealth... next to McDonald's in West. Went the other day with Keith, Mike, and Snezhana.

kal bi gui kal bi gui

dwen jang ji gae dwen jang ji gae That place is good... a big jump over the Super 88 fast food. Didn't try the soup, but at least it looked good. Only thing is they don't have actual bbq tables there... gotta find a good place that does.

Super 88 Korean

I went to the new Bertucci's for lunch today, but I forgot to bring my camera. Still gotta get into the habit of taking it with me when I leave the house... sadly, couldn't get a picture of my pasta. Went to Super 88 for dinner, though... Here's "Beef TukBokGi" from the Korean place.

beef tukbokgi from super 88 beef tukbokgi from the korean place at 88 I didn't really know what it was... I was intrigued by the English description of "stir fried rice cakes with beef over rice" but couldn't figure out what it meant. Turned out it was just neen goh (in Cantonese), which I don't even like that much. The beef was decent I guess, but I probably won't order this again.