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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


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Armani Cafe

Got quite a bit to update. I'll start with lunch yesterday at the Armani Cafe on Newbury, inside Emporio.

buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto

skillet-roasted mussels skillet-roasted mussels

bucatini carbonara bucatini carbonara

gnocchi with chicken cacciatore gnocchi with chicken cacciatore I must say this meal was very good! I'd never been before. There's an Armani Cafe at the store in San Francisco too, but I've never been there either. I always thought it was a weird/interesting idea to have a restaurant inside a shop like that. Everything was really good though. Mozzarella was tasty, mussels were great (and the juice/sauce with the piece of bread was awesome). The gnocchi was fluffy and the chicken was tender (even the white meat!). Gotta go for now, big updating coming soon again.


Saw the Matrix Revolutions... fighting was cool, plot was ehh... Went to Bertucci's again afterwards. This month they have a special for their chicken scallopine stuff... $10.99 with soup and pasta on the side.

chicken picatta chicken picatta

chicken romana chicken romana

pizza with scallops and bacon pizza with scallops and bacon All decent for the price. Keith's pizza looked really good but I didn't try any. I had the picatta, and couldn't finish it. Gotta go... hitting Finale for dessert for the first time... I've heard good and bad.


Had a nice dinner last night in the North End at Limoncello, which I've been to a couple times before. Had a scallop salad appetizer which was really good, but I forgot to whip out the camera. Here are some pictures of the pasta - they were very dark but I tried to brighten em a bit in Photoshop.

linguini frutti di mare linguini frutti di mare

rosette pasta with prosciutto, montasio cheese, mushrooms, and truffle oil rosette pasta with prosciutto, montasio cheese, mushrooms, and truffle oil Both of the pastas were good. The frutti di mare had a red sauce, and I always prefer white, but the seafood tasted pretty good. The rosette was very interesting. I ordered it based off recs from Chowhound. They used pasta sheets, wrapped it around the stuff into a rosette shape. Could definitely smell and taste the truffle. Good stuff.


Tried Bertucci's again for lunch, this time made it in time for the lunch special. I got a trenette puttanesca.

trenette puttanesca from Bertucci's trenette puttanesca from Bertucci's It was not bad. Not too tomatoey which I was a little worried about, and the pasta was a surprisingly well-cooked al dente. The picture kinda sucks; their light is very orange-ish. It was a great deal - the pasta, unlimited rolls and salad (both were pretty good) for under 8 bucks. Gonna have pizza next time though. I remember it being pretty good at the one in Cambridge.
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