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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


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White Truffles!

My dad was in Italy and was able to bring back some stuff. He says he couldn't find any fresh truffles, but he was able to get some off the shelf stuff. My mom made some pasta.

spaghetti with white truffles spaghetti with white truffles Sadly, it was pretty underwhelming. Some truffle taste but not the type you associate with the sight of truffles shaved on pasta like that. I guess not-fresh truffles just aren't the real thing...

Baked Sole

My mom made me dinner the other night. We have some canned foie gras from when she was in France a while ago.

foie gras, arugula salad foie gras, arugula salad

baked sole, spinach and artichoke, risotto baked sole, spinach and artichoke, risotto Good stuff. My mom's a good cook. Still got some of that foie gras to finish off too...

Auntie Margie's potluck

For New Year's Eve dinner, I went to Auntie Margie's with my mom for a potluck. There was a lot of food... too much for me to really photograph.

Auntie Margie's potluck Auntie Margie's potluck My mom brought some weird kind of tofu dumplings and also a pork knuckle thing. There was also a tofu dish with Shanghai hairy crab. Auntie Margie made a curry... Lots of stuff. I had to leave early to go to Santa Rosa.

David's Birthday

Forgot to put up a pic of my cousin David's birthday cake.

mango cake mango cake The cake actually used fresh mangos, so it was better than I was expecting. Good stuff.

Spaghettini with Cream

Snowed in... bored... made some pasta.

spaghettini with cream sauce spaghettini with cream sauce Not too bad... I put a lot of pepper. Hope the weather gets better tomorrow.