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Christmas Day

So for Christmas Day (I guess night) dinner, my aunt Amelia cooked. No Chinese this time...

spinach soup

spaghetti with shrimp, eggplant, and tomato

asparagus with mustard vinaigrette and "SECRET SPICES" I think this is the first time I've had a full-on Western meal by my aunt Amelia. The spinach soup was very good; flavorful and spinachy. The spaghetti was also good. The shrimp were tasty and plentiful. The asparagus was great - I guess the so-called "SECRET SPICES" worked. I just got back to SF. Still have many posts from Vancouver. My cousin Geoff is coming to visit on Wednesday for a few days, so there should be plenty of eating during that time.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Happy 2005 everyone! I'll be heading back to San Francisco tomorrow, but I've got about a week's worth of Vancouver posts. Here is what I had for Christmas Eve at the Kwok house, which is where we always have our family Christmas dinner party.

christmas dinner - roast beef, turkey, ham, ribs, sticky rice, various veggies, noodles As is now customary we have a sort of east meets west buffet type of thing, mixing stuff like roast beef and turkey with chow mein and chinese vegetables. I thought everything actually tasted better this year - the roast beef, turkey and gravy were particularly tasty. And who doesn't love cranberry sauce?

Che Family Cooking

Now this is something you can really only get in Hong Kong - Che-style home cooking. It can be mainly summed up with one key word: dumplings.

chicken with chili sauce chicken with chili sauce

cucumber with scrambled egg cucumber with scrambled egg

homemade pork dumplings homemade pork dumplings The main chef in the family is my Aunt Amy, with some help from my grandma (and dare I say a little help from my Aunt Agnes). Now don't let the picture fool you, there seemed to be an infinite number of dumplings. Full plates just kept on coming. Nonstop. And they're soooo good. Skin with perfect texture, delicious filling... better than in any restaurant. This stuff is the real deal; the picture probably doesn't do them justice. The chicken and the cucumber/egg were also tasty as a change of pace from the dumplings. Then again, I could probably just eat dumplings forever. Mmmmmmmmmm.

Veal Chops

Here's some home cooking from my mom.

arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and radishes arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and radishes

veal chops with butter and sage veal chops with butter and sage Yummy... The salad was really good. All the stuff was from the Ferry Building (though not on a market day). Tomatoes right now taste really good. The radishes were great too.

Pork Chops

As promised, here's another simple recipe from the same AskMeFi thread.

pork chops with red wine vinegar reduction pork chops with red wine vinegar reduction It turned out really good. Sauce is just red wine vinegar, chicken broth, garlic and sugar, all reduced down to a syrupy thickness. Veggies are just leftover takeout. Gonna make this one again... it was easy.