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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


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Fortune Garden

Almost done with Vancouver now. Here are some photos from Fortune Garden (aka Yi Woh Yuen).

peking duck peking duck

peking duck pancakes peking duck pancakes We go here every time I'm in Vancouver with the whole family. The peking duck rules, and I love peking duck. Mmmmm.

La Amigo

Still got quite a few meals to post from Vancouver. Here is a quick lunch at La Amigo, an oddly named Chinese Western-style restaurant in Richmond.

pan fried pork loin pan fried pork loin Was actually really good. Everyone else got a steak which kinda sucked. Mine was tasty, and of course anything breaded rules. And I remember being very hungry when I ate it...

Floata Seafood Restaurant

Sorry for the long delay everyone; I've been away from civilization for a bit. Anyway, here is what we had at my cousin David's wedding banquet at Floata Seafood Restaurant. Watch out - their site has a pretty funny looking flash intro. The banquet section of the site has the "Silver Phoenix Wedding Menu" that we had. Pretty much hit all the bases of Chinese banquet food - if you're not used to it, get ready...

roasted suckling pig roasted suckling pig

deep fried stuffed crab claw with shrimp paste deep fried stuffed crab claw with shrimp paste

stuffed melon with scallop and stuffed melon with scallop and "hair vegetable" in oyster sauce

shark's fin soup with crab meat shark's fin soup with crab meat

live lobster in superior broth live lobster in superior broth

abalone and sea cucumber with vegetables abalone and sea cucumber with vegetables

steamed live rock cod steamed live rock cod I particularly like the fish picture for scaring non-Chinese friends. :) The biggest omission is the squab, which I forgot to take before everyone grabbed their piece. A lot of the stuff is separated onto individual plates, so I didn't get a chance to take the pictures of stuff as it was presented on big plates. I also didn't get the fried rice, noodles, and dessert, but nothing too special. They really pulled everything out - suckling pig, shark's fin, abalone, lobster, squab, fish... Tons of food. Good stuff. Congrats David!

Taiwan Cafe

Hit Taiwan Cafe for lunch the other day. I wanted to get Chinese donut and soy milk, etc., but we got there JUST too late.

eggplant with basil eggplant with basil

siu long bao siu long bao

cao neen goh cao neen goh

fried dumpling fried dumpling Was really hoping for Chinese donut, but it's okay. This stuff was good too, and I'll get my fix when I get to Vancouver. Eggplant with a basil is a great dish here. Siu long bao were a little on the big side, but very soupy inside. Neen goh was standard. The dumplings were sort of like really overstuffed gyoza moreso than average potstickers. Good stuff.

Pacific Garden

We had dim sum at Pacific Garden in Chinatown the other day. Of course I forgot to take pictures of a lot of stuff. Things looked pretty normal anyway.

 ha gao - shrimp dumplings ha gao - shrimp dumplings

spare ribs with black bean sauce spare ribs with black bean sauce Thought the ha gao looked pretty cool with a little roe on top. The place is pretty good... a lot better than China Pearl which I went to once a long time ago.