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Be There or Be Square Cafe - 不见不散

Here is another middle of the night meal in Beijing, at 不见不散 (Be There or Be Square Cafe). The funny thing about this place is that it's inside a little mall, and everything else in the mall is closed... but the mall stays open because this restaurant is open.

fried chicken with vanilla sauce fried chicken with vanilla sauce To be honest, I had no idea what the menu meant by "vanilla sauce" and Mike couldn't figure it out either. So I was intrigued. After eating it, if I had to guess, I'd say that somewhere in the translation "black pepper" became "vanilla", cuz that's what this tasted like. Not a bad thing; it was good. Especially for the 20 or so RMB it cost.


Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant - 大董烤鸭店

My dose of Peking duck in Beijing came at 大董烤鸭店 (Beijing Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant). Thanks to my Uncle John (who lives in Beijing) for taking us out.

peking duck peking duck

peking duck garnishes peking duck garnishes The duck was very good. The style was a little bit different than I'm used to... The duck itself is less fat than I've seen before, but the skin was extremely well done. Crispy and caramelizing. Another interesting thing was the variety of garnishes. The usual sauce and spring onions were there, but there were also cucumbers, sugar, and those other sauces that I don't even know how to identify. Very interesting stuff. I still prefer the straight up normal sauce with some scallions though.


Gino Bakery - 大成家

In Beijing you can eat at any time of the day. This is an odd morning hour meal at 大成家 (Gino Bakery), which is both a bakery and a restaurant that has noodles, snacks, and a variety of other things.

beef noodle soup - 13 RMB beef noodle soup - 13 RMB 13 RMB means less than 2 dollars. LESS THAN 2 DOLLARS! The noodles were just awesome. Good soup, good noodles, good beef, good veggies. It was a fairly good sized portion too, though you can't see all of the noodles and beef under the veggies. For freakin less than 2 bucks.


Xiang Lin Tian Xia - 湘临天下

Finally, here is Beijing. The first meal is from 湘临天下 (Xiang Lin Tian Xia). I won't have many prices for this trip, and my descriptions will be vague at best. Sorry in advance.

fried pork fat fried pork fat

red pepper fish head red pepper fish head

shark's fin soup shark's fin soup

fried squab fried squab

duck chin duck chin The pork fat was delicious. Then again, fried fat - how could it go wrong? Really good though, and with a little bit of kick. The red pepper fish head was also very good, but had a lot of bones which apparently is always the case with fish head. I liked it a lot but I'm a little bit lazy with the bones. Shark's fin soup was a little bit short on actual shark's fin, but the broth was probably the best broth I've ever had. Just awesome. Squab was excellent - juicy and tender. Vancouver does this dish well but I think this was definitely better. The duck chins were interesting. They tasted good but didn't have a whole lot of meat... again, a lot of work for the reward. The meat was great though! Thanks to Mike and his family for taking me out.


The Great China

This is a meal at The Great China in Berkeley with my mom and Roger. It would prove to be one of many peking ducks put to the test this month...

pork dumplings pork dumplings

peking duck peking duck The one comment on the Citysearch page disses the service, but we didn't really have any of those problems. I remember the last time I went a year or so ago we were upstairs and didn't have any problems either. The dumplings were pretty solid but not too special. The duck is great - I like how they serve the meat with it. I like the pancakes better though at the place in Vancouver.
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