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Peking Garden

Sorry for the week off... I just got a new PC and actually built it myself. It's pretty awesome. I got a Shuttle small form factor case, which is really cool. Anyway, here is Peking Garden in the Star House complex in Tsim Sha Tsui. This was a multiple birthday big family meal type of thing. I'm almost done with Hong Kong now.

noodle guy hand-pulling our noodles in front of us noodle guy hand-pulling our noodles in front of us That's cool isn't it? The guy came out right after we ordered to pull the noodles we would be eating later, right in front of our table.

veggie rolls veggie rolls

steamed (?) chicken with soy sauce steamed (?) chicken with soy sauce

cold sliced pork with chili sauce cold sliced pork with chili sauce

deep-fried shrimp with sweet chili sauce deep-fried shrimp with sweet chili sauce

scallion pancakes scallion pancakes Good stuff all around. The veggie stuff was surprisingly tasty. Chicken was nice and tender. Dave would love the shrimp dish; it's almost like General Gao's shrimp!!! Haha. The scallion pancakes were superb. Cakey, fluffy, crisp, and delicious.

peking duck peking duck

sea cucumber with vegetables sea cucumber with vegetables

egg white with chicken egg white with chicken

minced pork filling with pastry buns minced pork filling with pastry buns

chinese veggie chinese veggie Mains were good. The Peking duck was the more meaty variety, which I also like. Sea cucumber is something I don't like very much, but hey it's supposed to be good for you. The sauce is always great though. Egg white with chicken was yummy, as is anything with egg whites (usually crab I guess). Goes wonderfully with rice. The minced pork + who knows what was also great; then again I'll like almost anything wrapped in those pastry buns.

steamed veggie dumplings steamed veggie dumplings

pork dumplings pork dumplings

fried hand-pulled noodles fried hand-pulled noodles

mango cake from Cova mango cake from Cova The starchy stuff was definitely a strong suit here. The steamed veggie dumplings are some of the best veggie dumplings I've ever had, and as you might imagine I'm not a big fan of veggie dumplings. The skin was a perfect texture, and the filling was pleasant. Pork dumplings were also great but not as outstanding. Noodles were delicious - you can tell it's freshly pulled when the width of each noodle is different than the last. There was a ton though, and we were all really full, so we didn't even come close to finishing. The birthday cake was from the Cova bakery in Harbour City, and it was just right... Not too sweet, which is so often the case here in the US.

Spring Moon - 嘉麟楼

Here is some dim sum at 嘉麟楼 (Spring Moon), the Chinese restaurant inside the Peninsula Hong Kong, with me, Geoff, and my dad. The place is famous for inventing XO sauce, which I admit was very good. I technically wasn't supposed to take pictures of stuff in here, so consider these deep cover arthur hungry SPY PICS. That's right, I put my life on the line for you guys.

deep-fried stuffed taro ball deep-fried stuffed taro ball
jellyfish, roast pork, steamed chicken jellyfish, roast pork, steamed chicken
baked roast pork pastry baked roast pork pastry
steamed shrimp dumplings steamed shrimp dumplings
duck with couscous wrapped in some big leaf duck with couscous wrapped in some big leaf This meal was great. The taro ball is one of my favorite dim sum items, and they made it great here... crisp and flaky. The roast pork was, I believe, the best roast pork I've ever had. Deliciously fat and tasty. Odd to say that about an item as common as roast pork, but I really think so. Roast pork pastry is another of my favorites and as you can guess thanks to the roast pork was really good here. Shrimp dumplings were standard (which means really good in HK). The duck dish was very interesting... dunno how to describe the stuff other than couscous. A little salty but the mix of textures was good.

mango pudding mango pudding
fried milk yellow bun fried milk yellow bun
steamed milk yellow bun steamed milk yellow bun People that know me have heard me hype this up forever: there is a good chance that this place has the best mango pudding in the world. No exaggeration. You can also get the mango pudding in the lobby lounge, or get it room service if you're staying at the hotel. I remember the first time I tried it, I was staying there, and we got mango pudding like every day. It's just so damn good, I can't even describe it. The texture is moist, not too rubbery, perfect mango flavor... it's just awesome. If you're EVER in Hong Kong, you must at least go to the Peninsula lobby and try this out. You won't be dissappointed.

The buns were also very good. Apparently, this place also invented these buns which are now a fairly known/common item. Translated literally they are "milk yellow buns" which doesn't describe them too well. They're just buns that have a sweet egg-yolky center. These are the best ones I've had. Texture of the buns was great, and the filling is absolutely delicious. Really, if you get a chance, you should go eat a meal at this place so you can try the roast pork, mango pudding, and the buns.

But at the very least TRY THE MANGO PUDDING.


Ye Shanghai - 夜上海

Sorry about the delay again... had a midterm on Friday and a paper due Monday. And this is a long post. This is an interesting place called 夜上海 (Ye Shanghai), also in the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel. It's a pretty swanky Shanghainese place, with one catch: they have a Western-style pastry chef. You'll see the results...

cucumber with (lots of) garlic cucumber with (lots of) garlic

mushroom in tofu skin mushroom in tofu skin

seafood soup seafood soup

plain stir fried baby shrimp plain stir fried baby shrimp Gonna take this one step at a time... there's a lot of pics. We had most of the standard Shanghainese cold apps; I didn't bother posting them all. The cucumber was really really garlicky (ie. good). The tofu skin with mushroom is a very typical dish that's well-executed here. Hot and crisp tofu. The seafood soup was like a Chinese bouillabaisse. Crab, fish, clams, shrimp, and a very tasty broth. Just add rouille! The shrimp as you can see were tiny and very good.

peking duck peking duck

crab stuffing with sesame pastry buns crab stuffing with sesame pastry buns

fried fish with scallions and soy sauce fried fish with scallions and soy sauce

stemed pork dumplings steamed pork dumplings Peking duck was of the skin-only variety and delicious. Very crispy with well-made pancakes. The crab stuffing was also great... usually those buns are served with Chinese donut. Fried fish was so so. Xiao long bao was great, but still couldn't match up to Crystal Jade.

sugar buns sugar buns

ginger panna cotta ginger panna cotta

tofu skin pastry with mango tofu skin pastry with mango

rice pudding custard rice pudding custard

sago semifreddo with berries sago semifreddo with berries

sesame creme brulee sesame creme brulee

tofu cheesecake tofu cheesecake So as you can probably guess by now, the theme is Western desserts using Chinese ingredients. VERY unique. Some were hits and some were misses... Buns were good but nothing special. Ginger panna cotta had a little too much bite for me, but I don't really like the taste of ginger in desserts. The mango thing was delicious - very interesting use of tofu skin as a sort of phyllo/millefeuille pastyr. The custard was sort of like a creme caramel - very solid. The semifreddo (dunno what to call it) was also delicious. Creamy and fulfilling. Sesame creme brulee was so so, but a lot of other people loved it. Again, I don't like sesame all that much. Tofu cheesecake was alright - very light, but not as good as some other normal cheesecakes I've had. I don't know if you'll be able to find this kind of stuff anywhere else. It's definitely an interesting concept.


E.C. Eatery - 小城知味

Another great find in Harbour City is 小城知味 (E.C. Eatery). We actually spent almost all of our time in Kowloon (not Hong Kong side), and a large part of it was in Harbour City. This is a cafe type of place that serves a variety of different stuff... rice, noodles, and everything in between. Pretty cheap too.

hainanese chicken rice hainanese chicken rice

potstickers potstickers

braised short ribs with rice noodle in xo sauce braised short ribs with rice noodle in xo sauce Hainanese chicken rice is one of the signature dishes here, and it was great. Very tender and juicy. The rice was fragrant and tasty... could probably eat it plain. The potstickers were very good. Meaty and juicy on the inside. They also used Chinese chives (I think that's what it is in English) for the filling, which is pretty unusual for a potsticker (though common for dumplings) but turned out pretty tasty. The rice noodles were okay. I didn't find them too interesting but I think my dad liked them more than I did. On a side note, the Arthur Hungry 1 Year Anniversary is coming this Wednesday, Oct. 6th. I'll be doing nothing! Woo hoo.


Victoria City - 海都海鲜酒家

We didn't leave Harbour City very much during our trip to Hong Kong. There's a lot of places to eat in there... Here is some dim sum from 海都海鲜酒家 (Victoria City Seafood Restaurant).

crispy pork crispy pork

roast roast goose

fried chicken knees fried chicken knees

thousand year egg thousand year egg

steamed shrimp dumplings steamed shrimp dumplings

pan fried rice noodles with xo sauce pan fried rice noodles with xo sauce We ended up eating not just dim sum dishes I guess. The meats were good... crispy pork was the usual. Roasted goose was as always superior to roast duck. We actually cut it pretty close - this was I think our last chance to eat goose because there were again goose importing troubles. Later in the week, there was no goose to be found anywhere. The chicken knees probably scare a lot of people. They're crunchy, cartilage-y, and very tasty (hey, it's fried after all). Even more scary to many people is the thousand year egg. These are preserved duck eggs, and I guess people consider them an acquired taste. I love them. I probably haven't had a good thousand year egg for like a year, so I welcomed these with great pleasure. You can see the gooeyness in the picture... Simply delicious. The shrimp dumplings were of expected HK dim sum quality - big, plump, juicy shrimp, and nicely textured wrapping. Fried rice noodles with XO sauce is one of my favorite dim sum dishes, and this one was great. Soft, silky, and not stuck together.

steamed pork dumplings with crab roe steamed pork dumplings with crab roe

congee with crabmeat and roe congee with crabmeat and roe It was crab season so they had a lot of different crab specials available. We went for the crab roe xiao long bao, which were delicious. They were much more rich than your typical xiao long bao. The roe adds a creamy clog-your-arteries deliciousness. That said, the dumplings themselves weren't quite as well done as at Crystal Jade. The congee was HUGE... They gave us a giant bowl (you know, like when you get soup for a table of 10+ at a Chinese meal) to split among just 4 people (me, Dad, Geoff, Tiff). This was subdivided into 4 also huge bowls (pictured - they're bigger than the picture shows). Congee was great but we were all pretty full and unable to finish even half. Except for my dad.

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