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Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe


I mentioned when I was talking about Una's that there are a ton of European-style beer/food places that focus on a large variety of beers paired with no-nonsense meat and potatoes. One variation of these restaurants is the Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe in the Rocks, sister restaurant of Epoque in Cammeray. Heritage has a huge selection of Belgian beers, from the standards like Stella or Hoegaarden (one of my favorites) to ones I've never heard of (Bush Amber - 12%!! alcohol). Also, in addition to the steaks and schnitzels that are common at these types of places, Heritage specializes in moules frites, arguably Belgium's national dish. They serve mussels 8 different ways. The restaurant is quite big, with a decent-sized bar in the front and a slightly poshed-up beer hall feel. On weekend nights the place is bustling, filled with people both eating and drinking.

mussels with vegetables and white wine - A$20.5 The mussels come in these cool (and huge) mussel pots, which I'd never seen before but would see again soon in Vancouver. The menu advises you to keep the shell of the first mussel you eat, and use it as a pincher for all the other mussels, followed by a big NO KNIVES AND FORKS warning. The method actually works pretty well. The mussels themselves were great - plump, tasty and plentiful. They had some other interesting flavors, too. Dan had the "Tintin au Congo" (coconut cream, lemongrass and chilli), which had a nice hint of coconut with a surprising amount of kick.

fries with aioli The accompanying fries with aioli were pretty good. The fries were a bit thicker than I like, but were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The generous serving of aioli was addictive. The place isn't particularly cheap, but given its location in the Rocks, it isn't very expensive either. It's definitely a good spot to have a beer and a bite to eat.