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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


University Grill

Got lunch after class at University Grill right across from CAS today. It's a turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato triple decker.

turkey and avocado triple decker It was good, but I think I like the tuna melts better. The sandwich could have used a little mayo or something... I think Cookin' Cafe does the turkey club better, but tuna is the way to go at U-Grill. It seems every place in Boston uses the same kind of frozen fries (they're not too bad though).

Super 88 Korean

I went to the new Bertucci's for lunch today, but I forgot to bring my camera. Still gotta get into the habit of taking it with me when I leave the house... sadly, couldn't get a picture of my pasta. Went to Super 88 for dinner, though... Here's "Beef TukBokGi" from the Korean place.

beef tukbokgi from super 88 beef tukbokgi from the korean place at 88 I didn't really know what it was... I was intrigued by the English description of "stir fried rice cakes with beef over rice" but couldn't figure out what it meant. Turned out it was just neen goh (in Cantonese), which I don't even like that much. The beef was decent I guess, but I probably won't order this again.

Arthur's Cooking

This is what I had for brunch yesterday... My first actual attempt at cooking. Eggs with mushrooms and cheese, hash browns, and ham. It actually turned out pretty good! Hard to screw up though.

eggs, ham, hash browns arthur: master chef The Red Sox just beat the A's... Boston is pretty loud at the moment. Check in tomorrow!


And so it begins... welcome to arthur hungry, where I'll be chronicling the things I eat for the foreseeable future. Still working out all the layout stuff, but I should be set up soon. For the time being, here is a picture from my summer trip to Japan.

teppanyaki seafood from the ana hotel, sapporo, japan That's teppanyaki seafood from the ANA Hotel in Sapporo. Looks tasty doesn't it? Only problem with it is that the chef made the whole thing together, so while eating it some of the stuff got cold (unlike the steak, which he made and served pieces at a time). So Mike and I just ordered pizza... a far cry from teppanyaki in Japan. Oh well.
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