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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


Arthur's cooking

THE RED SOX LOST. Boston enters depression. I made a scramble earlier today, but didn't have time to post it because I was watching the game.

3 egg scramble with bacon, mushrooms, onions, scallions, and hash browns 3 egg scramble with bacon, mushrooms, onions, scallions, and hash browns I kinda threw everything in there in between classes. Should have made the bacon a bit crispier. The crappy part is I finished cooking, ate half of it about, then realized I had to be at Morse for econ in like 20 minutes... so I wolfed down some more and ran out the door.


Had a low-funds dinner tonight at Victoria's with Keith. They have cheap rice plates... this time I got pork chop with spicy salt.

pork chop with spicy salt over rice pork chop with spicy salt over rice It's the usual. LOTS of food for $5. Got a little vegetable intake too... :)


Tried Bertucci's again for lunch, this time made it in time for the lunch special. I got a trenette puttanesca.

trenette puttanesca from Bertucci's trenette puttanesca from Bertucci's It was not bad. Not too tomatoey which I was a little worried about, and the pasta was a surprisingly well-cooked al dente. The picture kinda sucks; their light is very orange-ish. It was a great deal - the pasta, unlimited rolls and salad (both were pretty good) for under 8 bucks. Gonna have pizza next time though. I remember it being pretty good at the one in Cambridge.

Spike's Junkyard Dogs

I finally went to try that Spike's Junkyard Dogs place. They boast all-beef hot dogs on freshly baked buns.

ball park dog with cheese fries ball park dog with cheese fries I got a Ball Park dog, which means mustard, onions, and cheddar (didn't know cheddar was white ever?) and some cheese fries on the side. It was so so... the hot dog tasted pretty good I guess, but the bun was too big. It would probably be better on a sandwich. The fries were so so at best. They were like curly fries that weren't seasoned, and that's just against the rules. Like messing with Texas.

Beijing Cafe

After a depressing Niner defeat last night, all I could do for lunch was get Beijing Cafe.

Beijing Cafe fried rice house special fried rice from Beijing Cafe I like this fried rice the best out of all the places nearby (Quan's, Victoria's, etc.) and we've been eating it since last year. The rice cooker finally got here today (surprised UPS was working today), and Mike says he's making better fried rice. I guess we'll see...