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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


Computer problems

Sorry for the lack of updates... relatively major computer meltdown. I screwed up my network settings and I can't go online anymore. Posting this on Dave's computer. Gonna reinstall Windows, maybe reformat... should be up and running again soon.

Kat and Colleen's cooking

Kat and Colleen came over today to cook for us. I don't know how that happened, but I got to eat so it's fine by me. Colleen made LASAGNA and Kat "made" salad (with corn).

Colleen's lasagna Colleen's lasagna

Kat's salad THIS IS FOR YOU MOM - Kat's salad It was really good! I was definitely impressed. I haven't had lasagna in a looong time. And I guess corn in salad is okay. We even have some leftovers, but not as much as I thought we would at first... oh well. Thanks Kat and Colleen!

University Grill

Sorry about not posting yesterday, but to be honest I didn't really eat anything. Had half a sandwich for lunch and delivery for dinner. Today, Dave, Mike, and I stopped by University Grill in the afternoon. I think I've made a convert out of Mike.

mushroom burger with swiss mushroom burger with swiss The burger is actually pretty decent there. Meat ain't much, but I like the bun, and the fries are alright. It's kind of in between a fast food and a real burger. God I miss Mo's.

Pizzeria Uno

The Niners beat Tampa, so I am very happy. Sadly they did not show the game... During the afternoon, I had a couple hot dogs and some chips while watching football. For dinner, I went to Pizzeria Uno in Kenmore.

shrimp and sirloin steak from uno shrimp and sirlion steak from uno It was no Ruth's Chris, but for 12 bucks it was pretty good. Ordered medium rare, and as expected it came medium-ish, but it was still okay. I finally actually read a lot of the manual for my camera, and I learned a bunch of stuff about white balance and different shooting modes. From now on, the orange effect shouldn't happen anymore! I'm such a budding photographer.


Had a nice dinner last night in the North End at Limoncello, which I've been to a couple times before. Had a scallop salad appetizer which was really good, but I forgot to whip out the camera. Here are some pictures of the pasta - they were very dark but I tried to brighten em a bit in Photoshop.

linguini frutti di mare linguini frutti di mare

rosette pasta with prosciutto, montasio cheese, mushrooms, and truffle oil rosette pasta with prosciutto, montasio cheese, mushrooms, and truffle oil Both of the pastas were good. The frutti di mare had a red sauce, and I always prefer white, but the seafood tasted pretty good. The rosette was very interesting. I ordered it based off recs from Chowhound. They used pasta sheets, wrapped it around the stuff into a rosette shape. Could definitely smell and taste the truffle. Good stuff.