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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


Arthur Hungry Limbo...

Well. I'm in a bit of an Arthur Hungry limbo at the moment. I have finally graduated and moved back to San Francisco. In the process, I've managed to forget my external hard drive's power supply in Boston, and so I don't have access to all my photos and what not. Dave is kindly UPSing it to me so I'll be back up and running soon. My desktop is also currently in the trusty hands of UPS, so everybody pray for it.

I've got a few awesome trips coming up this summer, and at various times I will be in SF, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing, and Manila. It'll be the first time I'll be in Japan since I started the site, and I'm looking forward to re-eating some of my best meals of all time. Huge stash of photos are of course still waiting to be posted from Australia, SF, and more... I'm going to have to start picking the better ones and leaving some others out.

Reader Comments (5)

Good to see you coming back to SF.Your vacation route sounds very attractive.This summer will surely full of exiting changes for you.
Friday, June 16, 2006 at 1:53AM | Unregistered CommenterMaria loves pictures
arthur, i think you need to update this site with VIDEO of the infamous ramen rumble show down in super88.

I think its great that the eating competition has been settled.
Sunday, June 18, 2006 at 4:46PM | Unregistered CommenterDave
hurry back... I need so food porn to drool about at work! :)
Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at 4:21PM | Unregistered CommenterErin Cooper
I'm back, I'm back. So sorry!

Dave, I know you're supremely proud of the Ramen Rumble, but I don't think that the entire AH public would be as interested...
Thursday, June 22, 2006 at 4:49PM | Unregistered CommenterArthur Che
WOO~ TOKYO..I havent been there for a long time.... enjoy ur foods and post up lots of pictures...SUSHI~~ ^^ YAY
Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 3:16PM | Unregistered Commenterminako-sama

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