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Hong Kong Prince Restaurant - 香港王子饭店


For this trip, we managed to get my grandmother, my dad, and all 4 of his sisters together, which is certainly a rare occasion. It was also my grandma's birthday, so we had a lot to celebrate. We ended up having an awesome Chinese banquet at Prince Restaurant, a fancy Chinese place on the 11th floor of the impressive 1 Peking Road building. With a party of 11, we got a big private room with an incredible view of HK harbour. This kind of high-end dining is something you can't really find outside of Asia, and it's an awesome experience with wonderful service and food. We had a ton to eat, and spent about HK$1200 per head (around US$150). On to the goods...

thousand year egg with pickled ginger We started off with some simple and delicious thousand year eggs. Yea, I know it probably looks nasty to most of you, but us Chinese people love this stuff. And to my eye, the gooier the black middle is, the more appetizing the egg becomes. These eggs were very good, and better than any that I'd had in a long time.

veggies wrapped in tofu skin This is a fairly typical cold appetizer, executed very nicely. The veggies were very finely chopped, and the tofu skin was firm but very light and not stringy at all.

chicken cartilege in a spicy garlic sauce This was not very spicy, but had just enough peppery garlic flavor to coat the cartilege. The crunchy texture is the star here anyway, and this deceivingly light sauce complemented that well.

crispy pork Ohhh man. I love crispy pork, and this stuff was the real deal. Delicious, tender meat with a thick layer of fat and a crunchy, crispy skin. I ate way too many pieces.

beef with mustard sauce I'd never had this dish before, and it was excellent. The beef was extremely tender, like a lite version of a good Japanese teppanyaki, and the sauce had a great sharp mustard flavor. This dish seems like it could be pretty easy to screw up (overcooked or just plain bad beef, too much sauce, etc.) but I guess they know what they are doing.

glazed pork buns Prince for some reason makes a very delicious rendition of pork buns. These are the glazed, baked style which are a bit less familiar to most Americans than the white steamed kind. I should have taken a picture of the filling, because the roast pork inside was just sublime.

shark's fin with crab meat and roe This dish probably added more to the bill than anything else. A bowl for each person of 2 luxe ingredients tends to do that, I guess. This shark's fin was served "dry" - that is, with the soup on the side. You can then add soup to your liking as you eat it. The combination of shark's fin and roe was very rich, and quite an exquisite indulgence. Again, probably not the easiest thing to eat if you're not familiar with these ingredients...

grouper with ginger and scallion sauce This is the fish that my dad compared with the super cheap fish at Crystal Jade. And I must say, though this fish was quite delicious, there was indeed a similarity. Then again, this fish was big enough to serve 10. The meat was flaky and moist, with just enough of the sauce to add some saltiness.

Chinese lettuce with chili

This style of Chinese lettuce isn't one of my favorites. The lettuce retains a nice crispness to it, and the sauce has a bit of spice, but somehow I'm just not into it. Everyone else seems to love the stuff though.

baby bok choy in broth Baby bok choy, on the other hand, is one of the reasons I love going back to Hong Kong. You just can't get this stuff in the US. The bok choy are tiny and oh so very tender.

foie gras fried rice Now this was another first for me - fried rice with little chopped pieces of foie gras thrown in. An awesome combination, kind of like foie gras sushi. I only wish they had less other stuff in it, which slightly masked the flavor of the foie.

roast goose I didn't get to eat roast goose when I was in HK in 2004 because they weren't allowed due to some regulations at the time. I was craving this badly. Roast goose is basically like a better version of roast duck, with a sharper flavor and a nicer skin. Absolutely wonderfully cooked here.

egg yolk bun Prince had a few surprisingly good (it's a Chinese restaurant after all!) desserts, the first of which was this steamed egg yolk bun. The filling was incredibly rich and smooth.

layer cake This simple layer cake was also quite good. It was very light and soft, almost like a creamier hot pound cake. It's a very common item, but rarely this tasty.

egg tarts Finally, they whipped out some pretty mean little mini egg tarts. The custard was very smooth and eggy, while the pastry was extremely flaky and even crumbly. This meal was certainly one of the best Cantonese banquets I've had in a long time. Not only was the food great, but the setting was just outstanding. Our view of HK harbour (and the laser lightshow from the skyscrapers, not to mention the fireworks over the harbour that happened to be going on that night) was breathtaking. If you need a Canto restaurant that impresses, Prince is a good bet.

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