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Nick's Crispy Tacos


I've been wanting to try Nick's Crispy Tacos for a while now. It's an interesting little place off of Broadway. At night, the place is Harry Denton's Rouge, a fairly hip bar/club that seems to have become a stable singles spot in the city. For whatever odd reason, during lunch, they clear out the floor and half of the club becomes Nick's Crispy Tacos. When you walk in at first, it's a bit strange - just imagine walking into any typical club, except that it's all empty and cleaned up, and it's daytime. Yeah, the dance floor looks pretty messed up. Anyway, I heard they have some pretty good tacos at this place so I finally tried it out.

carne asada and carnitas tacos, Nick's Way - $3.25 each These tacos are a bit pricier than a taco truck taco, but they're definitely significantly bigger. Nick's Way means they crisp the tortilla and add jack cheese and guacamole (for $0.75 more per taco). The tacos themselves were great - stuffed to the brim as you can see, and I'll admit not very easy to eat. To my surprise the tacos had beans in them, which I don't like in my tacos, so if you don't either make sure you tell them. Overall I'd say it was pretty good - the meats were tender and flavorful but just a touch salty. The salsa was great (though not spicy) and the guac was not bad. I've since read that I should have gotten the fish tacos, which are significantly better. I'll try them next time.

Reader Comments (4)

Looks yummy - you setteled the discussion betwen the S.O. and yours truly - we are doing Tex Mex tonight!
Wednesday, April 6, 2005 at 12:11PM | Unregistered CommenterKaren
Ahh, Tex Mex. I need to have some of that myself...
Friday, April 8, 2005 at 8:00PM | Unregistered CommenterArthur Che
you seriously paid THAT much for tacos? wtf?! i mean, they look good and everything, but they're only worth like a dollar!

I just had some last nite and they were delicious, but I would hate to pay that much for them :( bummer
Saturday, October 15, 2005 at 12:38PM | Unregistered Commenterflor
Well, I guess that is a lot for tacos. But to be fair, they are definitely a lot bigger than your typical $1.25 taco truck tacos. And considering they were still just 3 bucks... let's just say it's easy to get ripped off a lot worse.
Sunday, October 16, 2005 at 3:38AM | Unregistered CommenterArthur Che

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