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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.



maya.jpg For a few days that happened to coincide with Geoff's visit, my mom and I had the honor of hosting Sonam Llamo, star of Khyentse Norbu's (my mom is a student of his) movie Traveller's & Magicians. Sonam and her sister Phuentsho, who are from Bhutan, were in SF for a few days to appear at some of the movie screenings around the Bay Area. The movie is quite beautiful, and I believe the first feature film to be shot in Bhutan, so go check it out if it's playing near you! Anyway, here is a lunch we had with them at Maya. Maya is a sort of fancy-ish Mexican place that I go to every once in a while. It has been pretty consistently good in the past.

guacamole - avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro - $7

quesadilla abierta de tuna - crispy flour tortilla, pan-seared tuna, jicama salad, roasted sesame chile de arbol salsa - $13.5 This place has some of the best guacamole I've tasted. You can ask to have it spicy, and they actually put a decent amount of heat in it. The chips are always hot, thick, and crunchy - always a great appetizer to share. The open-faced tuna quesadilla was less specatular. The tuna was okay - rare in the middle and tasty when combined with the salsa. I guess I enjoyed the jicama salad, which was a refreshing break from the fish. The tortilla portion was a little bit dry though, and I think the cheese may have been melted too far. Maya has an excellent tortilla soup which I didn't get this time around, and a wonderful tampique´┐Ża steak that I also love. Actually, there are a lot of of items on the menu that I enjoy - the tuna quesadilla is probably the least exciting thing I've tried there. I also recommend you try their freshly-made juices which vary from day to day. They have a prix fixe option that is $20 for lunch and $30 for dinner which includes appetizer, entree, and dessert, and allows you to choose from a wide variety of stuff off the menu. It's a really good deal which I'd suggest taking advantage of.

Reader Comments (2)

Hi Arthur - I had to leave a comment here because I named my cat Maya... (it's a boy, and I know Maya sounds girly but we thought he was SHE when we got him!) All the dishes you mentioned sound great, although I don't know enough about Mexican food I'm sure I'd like all of them!
Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 12:24AM | Unregistered Commenterkeiko
Mexican food is a great thing, and surely underappreciated around the globe! Heck, I don't know if you can even get decent Mexican outside of Mexico and bordering U.S. states.
Sunday, March 27, 2005 at 6:48AM | Unregistered CommenterArthur Che

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