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Eastern Palace Chiu Chow Restaurant - 东銮阁潮洲酒家

Sorry about the delays. Still sorta getting settled with the school schedule. Anyway, here is the first of many Hong Kong posts. This is 东銮阁潮洲酒家 (Eastern Palace Chiu Chow Restaurant) in the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel. My descriptions suck, since I don't really know/remember what the stuff is... Maybe my dad will be able to comment (in other words correct) me on what everything is.

shark's fin soup shark's fin soup

stir fried fish stir fried fish

egg pancake with salty vegetables egg pancake with salty vegetables

some kinda veggie in clay pot some kinda veggie in clay pot

prawns with egg whites prawns with egg whites

sliced goose sliced goose The shark's fin soup was good (and huge). Lots of shark's fin in it, but the broth wasn't as tasty as the one I had in Beijing. The fish was so-so I thought. I can't remember what that stuff is that it's cooked with. The pancake was good... usually they have oysters but we didn't get it for some reason (I think I may have voted against it). Veggie was blah. The prawns were good but nothing special (my cousin Tim wanted it). The goose was really good, as goose always seems to be. To be honest though there are a lot of more superb meals to come.

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I agree this was not one of our better meals. It's a pity that Chiu Chow food seems to be declining in HK, and one has to go back to the old names in Western District. Chiu Chow chefs used to make the best shark's fin soup, but now their broth is not as good as the one in Beijing!

Anyway the veggie is a Chinese lettuce.
Monday, September 20, 2004 at 11:59AM | Unregistered CommenterRaphael

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