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In a state of hibernation. My backlog has long become unsustainable. Will probably tweet more and write less full-length stuff.


Pho Pasteur

Ugh, looks like my web host went down for a couple of days. Back though. Here's some stuff from Pho Pasteur.

appetizer platter appetizer platter

Hue style noodle soup with beef and pork Hue style noodle soup with beef and pork The appetizer platter is a thing you need 4 people to order. Pretty big thing. It came with fresh and crispy rolls, shrimp toast, chicken & beef teriyaki, the orange shrimp thing which I dunno how to describe, and a chicken salad in the middle. We usually get the rolls. I liked the shrimp toast a lot, actually... teriyaki wasn't that good though. I also went with what they listed as "Hue style noodle soup" which has both beef and pork. The guy said it was spicy (it wasn't really, even though it was reddish). It used a different noodle.. thicker than the usually ones and rounded, but still not thick. It had a pork leg, and I don't know what part of beef. It was alright, but I like the normal stuff better.

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