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Macau Restaurant

We were unfortunately unable to make a day trip to Macau some time during our trip to Hong Kong like we had planned, so instead we settled for Macau Restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. Macau was a Portuguese colony for a long time, and its food has some Portuguese influences. Macau Restaurant is an extremely casual cafe type place.

deep fried squab deep fried squab

shrimp toast shrimp toast

pork chop sandwich pork chop sandwich

portuguese style chicken portuguese style chicken

portuguese tart portuguese tart The food was so so. The place has definitely gone downhill - I remember going years ago and it was much better. The squab was alright but nothing special. The sandwich was really disappointing - both bread and meat were just too dry. This used to be really good here. The shrimp toast was again nothing special. Portuguese style chicken is a common Macau dish... it's sort of like an extremely mild curry (as in, not spicy at all). Again, not as good as I remember... not enough actual meat. Portuguese tarts are like a relative of the usual Chinese egg custard tart, but more flaky and a little singed on the top. There was a huge craze for them in Hong Kong a few years back where there were tons of places making them fresh all over the streets, but the fad died out fast. These weren't that good, especially compared to the fad times. They were just sitting out too long before we ate them. All the food was pretty cheap. Maybe we should have gone to Macau though...

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Do you know what is Macanese Tradition Foods?The one you talk about is Hong Kong style Macau restaurant. It isn't original Macanese restaurant.Please check this website:www.ipim.gov.mo/.../ macauimage/cover/no36_08.htm
Wednesday, April 6, 2005 at 9:10PM | Unregistered CommenterAnibal

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